Company Profile – Android Template

Company Profile – Your Company Brochure.

It’s an app that have basic and necessary information that any Company/Organization must have, Like it’s News, Portofolio/Products, Location on Map, Gallery, About Us & Contact Us, In a neat simple way.
Company Profile is applicable for any Company / Organization (can be for example for Universities / Schools, SuperMarkets, Any selling Store, Restaurants, Libraries…etc

Company Profile Features:

  • News RSS Feed into friendly List. (just change URL & it will work right away)
  • Easy Updatable online XML Database connected to your Listview.
  • Static / Dynamic data choices available.
  • Put your Company marker on Google Map.
  • Show Direction from User location to your Company location.
  • Nice Gallery view to show Company’s pictures & portofolio.
  • All Company Contact details in one neat List.
  • Ability to Add/Remove icons on the Home screen.
  • Step by Step Documentation.

Try our Demo of Company Profile made for “The Open University” on Google Play: Download Link
Click on (Video Preview) to watch a sample video for Company Profile app.

Files Included

  1. The customized version: “The Open University” app full source code.
  2. Step by Step documentation, showing How to customize this code to fit for any Company profile.
  3. The XML Database including How to edit it in the documentation.
  4. The .apk file.

Why your Company should have app like Company Profile?

  • Marketing: You can put small banner or bar code for your App in your site, or at your Company, on news…etc
  • Fame: Any big Company now should have mobile app to show it’s profile & portofolio, it’s mobile age now.
  • Accessibility: a mobile app like Company guide is available to be downloaded & used to anyone, anywhere, & anytime.
  • Prestige: to have mobile app is really giving good prestige & good impression to your clients.
  • Light & neat: You can’t put much info in a free flyer (2 pages for example) that you distribute to people to show your clients your Company profile, but with Company Guide app, you can put mostly all your data in addition to the ability of updating this data, available anywhere, anytime in an organized easy way, so you saved effort, cost & time.